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SMS Webhooks


Telmetrics SMS WebHooks allows you to register endpoints to receive HTTP requests with SMS Data. You can create new WebHooks by configuring them within the Telmetrics portal. Note that this requires Administrator access.

Types of SMS Webhooks

SMS Conversation Start - The SMS conversation start webhook executes immediately upon receiving the first message to a Tracking Number. The payload will contain name/address matching details (when available), as well as attribution information obtained from Dynamic Number Insertion and Lead Tracking.


You can also configure webhooks within the client account under the “Settings” -> “Webhooks” menu.

Sample Response

  "Id": "0bdacf54acd6480086b9f9b6c1baa50b",
  "Attempt": 1,
  "Properties": {
    "CollectionType": "SmsDetails",
    "UTC": "2019-09-19T17:16:01.765",
    "Organization": "4062",
    "RequestId": "e90494dc-e05f-40d9-a0d8-2141c4555666"
  "Notifications": [
      "Action": "SmsDetails.SmsConversationStart",
      "ConversationId": "0acb020f-7b61-48dd-9905-3d2509fdbdc5",
      "MessageDate": "2019-09-19T17:16:24.147",
      "TelmetricsStudyID": 9462657,
      "TexterNumber": "9055802958",
      "TextedNumber": "2242455621",
      "ConversationType": "ChatClient",
      "SmsToChatProvider": "Customer Service",
      "TexterName": "John Doe",
      "TexterAddress": "718 Marin Drive",
      "TexterCity": "Springfield",
      "TexterState": "IL",
      "TexterZip": "62706",
      "AttributionDetails": {
        "session_tag": {
          "tag_id": 71718183,
          "tag_data": "ID09347882882",
          "tag_time": "2019-09-19T17:10:00"
        "SessionId": null,
        "RuleDescription": "Google Paid",
        "LandingPageUrl": "",
        "ReferrerUrl": "",
        "MultisessionFlag": false,
        "utm_campaign": "summersale",
        "utm_term": "new%20cars",
        "utm_source": "google",
        "utm_medium": "web",
        "utm_content": "web1"

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SMS Webhooks

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