Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI), also known as Dynamic Call Tracking, offers the one, true picture of lead attribution: comprehensive data for every channel, every ad, and every keyword. Dynamic Number Insertion provides data that helps optimize all inbound marketing campaigns, from search, social media, form fills to email campaigns and more.

When using DNI, it is important to understand how granular you want your attribution. Attribution can be broad, such as measuring how many calls or text messages were made by consumers arriving at your website from an organic search listing. Conversely, you may need attribution at an individual keyword or campaign level. The answer to this question will determine which DNI implementation method best suits your needs.

1. Session-Based (Keyword/Campaign) Attribution

Campaign/Keyword Level Tracking is used to optimize your display advertising and search engine marketing efforts by helping you understand which campaigns/keywords are driving leads.

Using Telmetrics' Smart Number Pool technology, a unique tracking phone number is dynamically inserted each time a visitor clicks through to the landing page from your paid advertising campaign. The moment the visitor calls the number, the response is attributed to the campaign/keyword by integrating with the tools that you are already using to manage your online advertising campaigns.

Campaign/Keyword Level tracking is typically used for:

  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Display Marketing
  • Social

For more details on Session-Based (Keyword/Campaign) based DNI, visit the Keyword/Campaign Attribution portion of this documentation.

2. Channel Attribution

Channel Level tracking is best used in situations where you are interested in attributing a phone call to a specific lead source or channel.

Marketers typically choose this implementation when they are trying to measure which channels are most effective at driving phone calls (ex. Google vs. Bing). This DNI implementation method ensures 100% attribution because the tracking number is only ever shown to consumers when they meet your pre-defined criteria.

For example, a tracking number can be provisioned to measure all calls/texts that result from users visiting your website from an organic Google search. Because the tracking number is only ever shown when a user arrives from an organic Google listing, you can be certain that any calls to that number came as a result of that rule.

Use this implementation when trying to gain insight into:

  • SEO campaigns
  • Direct Website traffic

For more details on Channel Attribution based DNI, visit the Channel Attribution portion of this documentation.