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Creating a Billing Group

Billing Groups can be used to organize your Number Groups for the following purposes:

  • Segmenting reporting data
  • Restricting User access in the online portal
  • Customization of rate card (speak to your customer success representative for additional details)

Your billing groups may be organized into a hierarchy up to 3 levels (the depth of the hierarchy is defined during the organization setup phase - consult with your customer success representative for more information).

Please note that Number Groups may only be assigned to leaf nodes of your Billing Group hierarchy.

Using the POST method with the Billing Groups will create a new Billing Group

Please note that your organization will have at least one Billing Group created as part of the account creation process

The following sample request can be used to create a Billing Group

curl -H "x-organization-token: {authorization_token}" \
     -X POST \
     "" \
     -d '{
            "billing_group_name": "Sales",
            "status": "active"         

If the request is handled successfully, the following response will be returned:

  "billing_group_name": "Sales",
  "billing_group_id": 9325,
  "status": "active"

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Creating a Billing Group

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