Telmetrics V3 API requires an authorization token to authorize requests. API tokens can only be generated by Administrator users within the Telmetrics Ordering portal.

API tokens should be protected as you would protect any password. API tokens provide full access to your account, where any of the following actions can be performed:

  • Manage Call Tracking Lines
  • Access Reporting Details
  • Manage Integrations

Creating an Authorization Token

To create an Authorization Token, use your Administrator account to login to the Ordering Portal.

Navigate to Settings -> API Access, where you can create and manage existing tokens.


Clicking the 'Create Token' button, will open a modal where an Authorization Token can be created.


After clicking the Create button, an API token will be created. Using this token, you may begin submitting requests to the API.

Sample Request:

curl -H "x-organization-token: {authorization_token}" \
     -X GET \

Revoking Access

Through the API Access screen in the Telmetrics Ordering Portal, clicking the 'delete' will revoke all access for the token. Please note this action cannot be undone.