LiveChat Inc.

The LiveChat Inc integration is managed at the Tracking Number/Number Pool level. When enabled, all SMS messages sent to your Tracking Number/Number Pool will be forwarded to LiveChat Inc. where a customer service representative can engage the customer using a chat interface.

To configure LiveChat Inc. for your Tracking Number/Number Pools, you will need to:

  • Authorize Telmetrics to create an instance of a conversation at LiveChat Inc.
  • Configure your Tracking Number/Number Pool to use an instance of a LiveChat Inc. integration

1. LiveChat Inc. Authentication

To create an instance of a LiveChat Inc integration, you will need to Authorize Telmetrics to access LiveChat Inc. via API. This configuration is completed via the Telmetrics Ordering Portal.

Log in to the Telmetrics Ordering Portal as an administrator user, and navigate to the 'Settings' menu. From the menu, select the 'Chat Clients' option:


From the 'Chat Clients' screen, click 'Add Chat Configuration' and select "LiveChat"


This will open a modal, where you can provide integration details for your LiveChat Inc. integration:


You will need to provide the following details when configuring your integration:

NameA description of the integration
Client NameAll instances of chats created within LiveChat Inc. will show the user's name as this value
Login EmailAn email address of an administrator account in LiveChat Inc.
API KeyYour API key that can be found in the LiveChat Inc. UI. Navigate to the Owner's profile, and reveal your API key field
License KeyYour license key value can be found within the JavaScript snippet that is used when deploying the chat client to a website. Navigate to: 'Settings' -> 'Channels' -> 'Chat Widget'. In the JavaScript snippet extract the value for: "window.__lc.license"
End of Chat TextAn optional field that will send an SMS notification when the Agent closes the chat
No Agents Available TextAn optional field that will send an SMS message when no Agents are available to start a chat
Send messages to groupIf your LiveChat Inc. integration is configured to support groups, you must specify the group that should be notified of an incoming chat request.

2. Retrieving LiveChat Inc. Integration

All integrations that are configured via the Telmetrics Ordering Portal can be retrieved via the following end-point:


The resulting output will look similar to:

        "integration_auth_id": "555567d-4027-4ffd-a8eb-851c2c174444",
        "description": "ABC Company - LiveChat",
        "type": "LiveChat",
        "sms_optin_keywords": "START, SUBSCRIBE, UNSTOP",
        "sms_optout_keywords": "STOP, UNSUBSCRIBE",
        "enabled": true,
        "configuration": {
            "login": "[email protected]",
            "api_key": "555562e3a035671037eef01337dd4444",
            "license_id": "5555555",
            "client_name": "ABC Company Live Chat",
            "end_chat_text": "If you need anything in the future, don't hesitate to ask.",
            "no_agent_text": "Sorry, there are no agents available to handle your request.  Please contact us Monday to Friday, 9am-6pm"

The 'integration-auth_id' returned above, will be a required field when configuring an integration for your Tracking Number/Number Pools